October 2006

ChromEdit Plus

One of my favorite extensions from back in the Firefox 1.0.* build days was ChromEdit. Unfortunately, when Firefox 1.5 came out that extension was broken and the developer never made a newer version. I am not sure but I think I had tried to force it to work with Nightly…

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Nightly Tester Tools in Thunderbird 2

In my Nightly Tester Tools entry I talked about using this extension with Firefox. The newest version 1.2 works with Firefox 2.0b1-3.0a1 plus Thunderbird 2.0pb1 (pre-beta)-3.0a1 and SeaMonkey (former Mozilla Suite browser) 1.5a. The installation for Thunderbird is a little more complicated since it doesn’t do the automatic XPI install…

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Mozilla Lightning

One thing many people have complained about in regards to Mozilla Thunderbird is unlike Outlook, it does not have a calendar. Today on CyberNet News I came across this entry: Mozilla Sunbird And Lightning 0.3 RC1 Available. Mozilla Sunbird is a standalone calendar application where as Lightning is a Thunderbird…

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