November 2006

Updated: Thunderbird 2 Status

As announced on CyberNet News earlier this week, Mozilla updated the Thunderbird 2 Roadmap. With this update is a revision of the release schedule and some of the features (more on this shortly). Now keep in mind for the past couple months it has been a ‘pre-beta’ release status. The…

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Thunderbird Released

Along with Firefox, Mozilla has gone ahead and released Thunderbird today as well. No release notes for this version at this time. Download available from the Thunderbird Product Page.

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Update Notifier for Thunderbird 2

Update Notifier was updated this morning to work with Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 2.0Beta1 . This handy little extension automatically checks for updates to your installed (enabled or disabled) extensions and themes and will notify you when there is an update. It also has a ‘restart’ option which is handy…

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