March 7, 2009

Issue with HTML attachments in TBird

Erin contacted The Guru with the below question. I tried doing a Google Search and checking the mozillaZine forums without much luck so may be someone else here can give us some advice: Since we upgraded to Thunderbird version it seems that not all HTML attachments are treated the…

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Thunderbird Release Recap: March Week 1

Just Released NONE Schedule this Coming Week NONE Future Release Thunderbird – March 17-18, 2009

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The Guru's Thunderbird Blog

While I have always covered Thunderbird in the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog, the Thunderbird content tends to get deeply buried beneath all the Firefox and general Mozilla posts. Just searching by the Thunderbird category brings up 233 entries, however only 74 of those posts pertained exclusively to Thunderbird. All the…

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