April 2009

New Name and We Have Moved

This is the last of the blog name changes, we promise. We started with The Guru’s Thunderbird Blog then went to El Guru’s Thunderbird Blog. Both names were a bit long and plus having the name ‘Thunderbird’ in the domain could have been issue with Mozilla. We wanted a name…

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Note: Republishing from The FF Extension Guru’s Blog One of the neat features of Thunderbird is the ability to customize the client with Extensions, Themes and Plug-Ins. But sometimes there are problems a theme does something funky to your browser. Or may be an extension goes haywire and gets corrupted….

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Signature Switch Part 2

Back in the beginning of March, I wrote about the Signature Switch add-on in the TBird Signatures|Signature Switch post. It wasn’t until I went to post about this wonderful extension in Thunderbird Help, that I realized I didn’t include any screen-shots. So, here are some screen shots (click images for…

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