August 2010

Fix Unresponsive Script Warning

There are times depending on what is running in the background and other Internet activity that Thunderbird (or Firefox) may get bogged down and a JavaScript may take a little longer than normal to complete. Users will get a warning similar to the one below advising that the script is…

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Major Updates are Coming!

For those Thunderbird users who are still using the no longer supported Thunderbird or Thunderbird 3.0.6 you will be offered an update soon to the current Thunderbird 3.1.2 soon. The Major Updates are scheduled as follows: Thunderbird 3.0.6 to Thunderbird 3.1.2 — Deployed on August 12, 2010 Thunderbird…

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Thunderbird 3.1.2 Released

Mozilla Messaging has release the second update for Thunderbird 3.1 based on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform. For more information and to download please see the Thunderbird 3.1.2 Release Notes. Note: There is not presently an updated for Thunderbird 3.0 at this time. Thunderbird 3.0.7 will be released with Thunderbird 3.1.3…

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