January 9, 2011

Thunderbird Account Provisioner

Whilst trying to find more information about Thunderbird 3.3 Miramar, I came across the Mozilla Labs blog and an experimental add-on unofficially called Account Provisioner. A little background, it seems about 2/3 of the people who download Thunderbird are expecting to get an email address with it. Interesting, so the…

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No More Thunderbird 3.0 Support

The release of Thunderbird 3.0.11 in December marked the end of support for the Thunderbird 3.0 branch. Users should upgrade to Thunderbird 3.1 to ensure they get regular updates.

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New Redesigns Coming

With the great success I have had converting the Firefox Extension Guru’s Sites over to WordPress I’ve opted to redo the Email Mafia sites as well. As you can see, the blog has already been redone and cleaned up. Just waiting on the new database to setup so I can…

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