June 28, 2011

Lightning For Thunderbird 5.0

Lightning 1.0 Beta 4 RC 2 (released today) works with Thunderbird 5.0 and can be obtained via AMO. While the AMO page does show Lightning 1.0 Beta 4 in the description it is still downloads 1.0 Beta 2. Warning: Attempting to force older versions of Lightning to work with Thunderbird…

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Thunderbird 5.0 Released

After nearly a year in development, Mozilla/Mozilla Labs has released Thunderbird 5.0 on June 28th. As mentioned prior to keep the version numbering the same across all products, there was not a Thunderbird 4.0 release. Further during early development this was labeled as Thunderbird 3.3 Alpha. Users who’s computers meet…

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Add-on Compatibility Reporter

With Thunderbird 5 due out later today, users are going to find many of their add-ons may not work. Some add-on developers may be caught off-guard by the recent progress of Thunderbird 3.3/5.0 development and were not anticipating Thunderbird 5 to be release so soon. We are seeing a lot…

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